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Resources for Homeless Families and Children


Federal Resources

State Coordinators for Homeless Education -
Every state is required by federal law to have a State Coordinator for Homeless Education. This person is responsible for ensuring the understanding of and compliance with the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act in public schools throughout the state. New Hampshire

National Center for Homeless Education - The Center provides research, resources, and information enabling communities to address the educational needs of children and youth experiencing homelessness.

McKinney-Vento Online Training Presentations - PowerPoint Presentation, sample letters, and many PDF information handouts for administrators and community workers

Homeless Education Online Forum - A service of the National Center for Homeless Education

Grants for Education Homeless Children - Education for Homeless Children and Youth Program - Title VII-B of the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act, as amended by the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 Non-Regulatory Guidance, July 2004

Updated Guidance for Homeless Children in the School Nutrition Programs - U.S. Department of Agriculture

Assistance Specifically for Survivors of Hurricane Katrina

Katrina Disaster Relief: Information for People with Disabilities and People Who Want to Help Them

Information on How to Help in the Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina
This webpage is part of the Uniquely Gifted Website. It is the most comprehensive collection of information for Hurricane Katrina survivors. Find links to disaster relief information of all kinds - information on finding loved ones, housing, donations, how to volunteer in various capacities, schooling/homeschooling, and animal rescue.

Education Rights of Homeless Children
Hurricane Katrina has rendered more than 1 millions persons homeless, including well over 200,000 school age children (over 135,000 in Louisiana alone). As families leave the most devastated areas, they will disperse to friends’ and relatives’ homes across the country. Find the resources you will need to help.

Hurricane Help for Schools - U.S Department of Education webpage for all public schools, post-asecondary schools, post-secondary financial aid recipients.

Locate Local Support Systems for Community Members

Salvation Army

Boys and Girls Clubs of America

Yellow Pages for Kids with Disabilities

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