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Signs of a Learning Disability -

How to Spot the"Hidden" Disabilites

Have you noticed that your child has:

pronunciation problems?
difficulty finding the right word?
difficulty making rhymes?
trouble learning numbers, alphabet, days of the week, colors and shapes?
trouble concentrating?
trouble interacting with peers?
difficulty following directions or learning routines?
difficulty controlling pencil, crayons, scissors?
difficulty with buttoning, zipping, typing skills?
Grades K-4

Does your child. . .

have trouble learning the connection between letters and sounds?
confuse basic words? (run, eat, want)
make consistent reading and spelling errors including letter reversals (b/d, inversions (m/w), transpositions (felt/left), and substitutions (house/home)?
experience difficulty learning basic math concepts?
have trouble learning about time?
take a long time to learn new skills?
have trouble remembering facts?
Grades 5-8

Is your child having difficulty:

with reading comprehension or math skills?
with letter sequences? (soiled for solid, left for felt)
with prefixes, suffixes, root words and other spelling strategies?
organizing his/her bedroom, notebook, papers, and desk?
keeping up with papers or assignments?
with handwriting?
with time management?
understanding oral discussions and expressing thoughts aloud?
High School and Adults

Is your child having difficulty:

spelling the same word differently in a single document.
taking on reading or writing tasks.
with open-ended questions on tests.
with memory skills.
adapting skills from one setting to another.
with a slow work pace.
grasping abstract concepts.
focusing on details.
misreading information

It is never too early to seek help for your child, but waiting too long could be very harmful. If you see several of these signs over a period of time, consider the possibility of a learning disability. Knowing what a difference early help can make will help you lose your fear and take the next steps to getting help for yourself and your child!

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